Snowy Night Nails!

To celebrate the season in a creative way, I came up with a nail design that was so quick and easy I wanted to share it with you guys! The products I used are listed below:

-Nailtiques Formula 2 (base coat):

-Sally Hansen French Manicure Pen:

Winter Fashion Outfits!

As you guys may know, I posted a video on my youtube channel (glamourista16) showcasing my current top favorite outfits for the winter season! I featured multiple pieces of clothing from Windsor, a great clothing and accessories store that has such cute stuff-AND it's inexpensive! 

Instead of writing down all of the different clothing I wore in each outfit in the video, I thought I'd make this blog post instead! Comment if you like, enjoy!

Outfit #1: Comfy & Casual

Striped Top- Windsor
Black Long Cardigan- J.J. Basics
Black Skinny Jeans- Local Boutique
Black Faux Leather Boots- X-Appeal, got mine @ Nordstrom Rack

Outfit #2: Edgy

Black Cut-Out Top- Windsor
Feather & Chain Earrings- Windsor
Skinny Jeans- True Religion, got mine @ Nordstrom Rack

Outfit #3: Comfy Casual

Striped Shirt- Windsor
Bow Earrings- H&M
Skinny Jeans- True Religion, got mine @ Nordstrom Rack
Brown Leather Boots- Ziggy Soho, got mine@ DSW 

Outfit #4: Feminine

Multi-Colored Tank Top- Anthropologie
Bow Earrings- H&M
Cream Colored Top w/ Shoulder Pads- Windsor
Skinny Jeans- True Religion, got mine @ Nordstrom Rack
Brown Leather Boots- Ziggy Soho, got mine @ DSW

Outfit #5: Cute & Casual

Bow Top- Windsor
Bow Earrings- H&M
Gray Skinny Jeans- See Through Soul, got mine @ Norstrom Rack
Black Faux Leather Boots- X Appeal, got mine @ Nordstrom Rack

Outfit #6: Stylish

Black Jacket- Windsor
Black & White Loop Scarf- J.Crew
Taupe Tee w/ Beads- J.Crew
Cream Colored Cardigan- J.Crew
Skinny Jeans- BCBG
Flannel Boots- Blowfish, got mine @ DSW

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of my first fashion showcase video! 

Much love!

What to buy HER for the Holidays!

Hey everyone! Okay, so the Holidays are sneaking up, and you have no idea what to buy her! Take a deep breath-you're in luck! I have created a list of my suggestions, including a short description and links as to where you can buy the products! I hope this helped, and happy shopping!

1. Korres Vitamin E 10-Color Pencil Kit ($32.50):
These eyeliners are seriously AMAZING! She will not thank you enough! If the girl you're buying for is a makeup junkie, you can't go wrong with this kit! A single eyeliner from Korres is $16, so this limited edition set of 10 eyeliners is a HUGE deal, when you're paying for the price of 2, and getting 10! Colors range from purple to blue to black. Great for a variety of ages that love to play around with makeup!

2. Sephora Manicure Set ($30):
This portable and practical manicure set is a must have for those nail polish hoarders out there! If she is very into painting her nails all of the time, she will fall in love with this set! It includes 5 essential multi purpose tools that will keep those nails of hers in tip top shape!

3. Gap Lip balm ($4.50):
*available at checkout counters of Gap stores
These lip balms are my absolute favorite, and are perfect for anyone at all ages! These make a great stocking stuffer, or extra little gift! They go on so smoothly, and last a pretty long time! What sets these lip balms apart is that they have a distinct smell-and to me they all smell AMAZING! They have a variety of flavors including mint, mango, and even melon (my personal fave!) They have them available to test out at your local Gap counters so you don't have to guess at the scents!

4. J.Crew Loop Scarf ($49.50):
J.Crew is my favorite place to get scarves these days, as they are so comfortable, versatile, and a great accessory to any outfit! The scarf I provided in the link above is one that I own, and because it's muted, I can wear with just about anything! You can wear them in so many ways-from a basic scarf to even a tube top! Loop Scarves come in a variety of colors, and you can get them at many places-not just J.Crew! They also come in a range of prices, so you are bound to find one for her in your price range! Especially with winter approaching, she'll find this very useful!

5. Slatkin & Co. Candles (SALE-2 for $20 14.5oz):
Bath and Body Works has been my second home the past few months! I've gotten really into candles and my favorite can be purchased at Bath and Body Works! They come in a few sizes, and make great gifts for those who love their home to smell good! Scents can be very personal, but just trust your instincts with this one! Leaves is one of my favorites, I don't know anyone who has smelled it and hasn't loved it! It smells like apple cider, and cinnamon. Yum! 

6. Lush Bath & BeautyProducts!:
Lush is one of the greatest bath products line out there! They have fresh homemade soaps, bath bombs and melts, shampoo, etc. You're bound to find a product that intrigues her there! They also make great gift sets that are prewrapped and ready to be given! You can find them at a variety of prices at any Lush store or counter!

*more will be added soon, check back!

Aquafina Lip Oil Trio!

Personal Rating: 4.5/5 stars!

A few years back when I went into my local Walgreen's one day, I noticed a very peculiar product. I knew the company Aquafina made bottled water, but I had absolutely no idea that they also made lines varying from skincare to lip products! I came across the Aquafina Lip Oil Trio, which is just $3.99, so I had to pick it up and see what they're all about! I must admit, I haven't used them that much since I purchased them, but ever since rediscovering them in my collection, I realized I'm in love! They contain ultra moisturizing ingredients including almond and jojoba oil, and vitamin e. I love topping mine over a lipstick, because it keeps it from drying up and glides on SO smoothly! Many lipglosses that I've tried seem to usually be on the thick and sticky side-and these are the complete opposite! To me, they have more of a lip balm effect on the lips than a gloss would. I've been religiously applying it before bed each night, and every morning as well. I've replaced my usual lip balms with them lately since they seem to hydrate my lips for so much longer than my lip balms last! The package comes with all three flavors-original, wildberry, and raspberry. Unfortunately I am unable to find my original flavor, but wildberry is by far my favorite! I'm always the person to choose raspberry flavored anything-suckers, yogurt, you name it! Although, this is definitely a rare exception! I'm not entirely sure why, but the raspberry flavor may be too strong of a scent for me that I'm not quite fond of. If they redid the flavor of the rasperry lip oil, I'd rate this trio 5/5 stars! That's basically all I have to say about these, I am in love with them and will continue to use them for a long time! I definitely recommend these if you are in search of a really great hydrating lip product that is non-sticky, moisturizing, and long lasting!

She's Got a What?!

Hey you! I know what you're probably thinking.. she's got a youtube, twitter, dailybooth, blogtv... and now a blog? Crazy talk, right? Ever since before I started youtube, I'd always thought it'd be fun to have a blog. A blog where I can share my interests with the world about my latest beauty obsessions to my beauty rejections. At the time, I thought it'd be useless, as I had a hard time contemplating how I would get my blog out there for people to see. After starting youtube, I've been more and more intrigued to create one. Now that I finally did-I'm really excited to see what I can do with it!

Now, I may be new to blogging but I have had a domain website before, prior to starting youtube. Flashback to my 8th grade years, my best friend Ashley and I decided it would be fun to make a MySpace layout site as a resource for MySpace users that included page backgrounds, graphics, banners, icons, etc. It started out slow, but we gradually grew into an over 10,000 friend MySpace. To go along with the MySpace, we bought ourselves a domain website to make an easy way for people to find our works and to showcase our creativity while doing so. With endless and dedicated hours, we taught ourselves not only Photoshop, but ftp and coding to create our website.

As time carried on, we began to spend less and less time on the site. What once consumed our days and nights was now not as exciting. Don't get me wrong- I still absolutely LOVE creating graphics, but I have moved on from that chapter and use my talents in a new light. I now enjoy taking artsy photographs, along with editing them to an extent until I am finally pleased. I also still create banners here and there for my fellow youtuber's who are partners. I created my background layout on my own channel, but I am limited as I am not a partner .. yet ;).

With my limits taken into consideration, I thought a blog would be the perfect place for me to showcase my work (photography, drawings, graphics) while still connected to the beauty world. So, there you have it- a place where you can expect to find beauty reviews, raves & rants, to my personal photography & other artwork. Who knows? I may decide to expand this into a website again instead! I'm unsure of where this may go, though I do hope you come along with me!

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