May Eco Emi Products Update!

Hey everyone! As you probably know by now, I post an Eco Emi video once per month on my first impressions of the products as I open them on camera. I enjoy doing the revealing on camera, although it doesn't give you much information and review. Thus begins the blogs! Each month, I will do a blog post about all the products mentioned in the previous Eco Emi box, a rating and why I like/dislike it. I hope this helps you all!

 Rating Scale based on  1-5 stars, 5 being the ultimate best. 

-Night Owl Paper Goods Inc. Owl Card: (No rating available) I couldn't really rate a card, so I won't give a rating! This is one product where I haven't gotten the chance to use yet, but when the time comes I'm sure it will 'work' perfectly, haha!

-Pangea Organics Bar Soap: (* * * * *) I rated this soap 5 stars for multiple reasons. The scent is very pleasant and soothing; I think a lot of people would enjoy it as well. It's also a pretty large bar, so it lasts a good amount of time. You can use this as a hand or body soap and it is very moisturizing. Lastly, the packaging it comes in can be planted to grow your own spruce tree-how fun!

-Blissoma Smooth Moisture Serum: (* * * * *) Another product for the win! I'm in love with Blissoma's products, I can't get enough. I have normal/dry skin, (and very dry in the winter months), and this is a miracle serum. It's consistency is lighter than a facial cream, yet packed with moisturizing ingredients. It's pretty liquidy, but once rubbed into the skin you can't notice that. It actually helps it blend easier I feel. It keeps my skin moisturized all night, and also is great for a spot treatment! Whenever I have breakouts I will focus the serum on it (or over my whole face) and you feel a tingling sensation as it works its magic!

-Planet Botanicals Face Polish: (* * *) This product is a gentle exfoliator for the skin. I didn't rate this 4 or 5 stars only because I didn't get a chance to use it as often as a good review deserves! I will only exfoliate my skin a few times a week, even if it claims it's gentle! I do enjoy the scent and consistency, though the grainy texture it leaves takes more time to remove from the skin.

-Lauren Brooke Cosmetics Sweet Chai Lip Scrub: (* * * *) I try many, many lip scrubs as I strongly believe exfoliating the lips consistently is as important as exfoliating the skin. This particular scrub is #1 or #2 in my all time favorites! The scent AND taste is absolutely delicious. It's so sweet and sugary! It does a fabulous job removing flaky skin from the lips and preparing them for balm and lipstick application if desired.

-Lauren Brooke Cosmetics Summer Cheek Color: (* * *) Another product I LOVE trying is blush. Blush really pulls a look together and adds beautiful color and glow to the skin. This blush color is beautiful and very wearable. However, it is very sparkly which I'm not a big fan of personally. Being a loose powder blush, it was a little difficult to work with, but I WOULD recommend this as a beautiful highlight color or to add some sparkle to the lids.

-Christopher Drummond Beauty Radiance Booster: (* * * *) Basically, this vegan product promises to give the wearer a gorgeous glow to the skin. And you know what? It does! I love the smooth texture of this product and it gives a golden highlight to my skin. The only thing I think could be better is if the sifter was bigger or different packaging, as it is a little difficult to get out of the sifter without spilling some.

-Holly Beth Flourish Perfume: (* *) Despite the low rating, it's all personal preference as I am not the best person to review this one-haha! This perfume is very florally, which I have never been a huge fan of. I can't really describe the scent to you because I just do not care for it. When it comes to perfumes, you really can't trust other opinions as much, you just have to try it out yourself! I will say though if you typically love floral scents, this is definitely worth checking out!

-Bubble Bee Organic Lip balm: (* * * * *) Another product I try ALL of the time would have to be a lip balm! I get so excited when I see these in Eco Emi's as they are SO practical-I use one everyday! I adore the packaging of this lip balm, it's very fun and great for all ages. The consistency is SUPER smooth and  pretty long lasting. I also love the scent-coconut and lime- yum!

-Taylor's Organic Peppermint Leaves: (No rating available) Unfortunately I did not have time to try this one out this month- my apologies!

-Pure Organic Wild Blueberry Bar: (No rating available) I am SO bummed I didn't get to try this delicious looking bar because I am allergic to the cashews that are in it! Looks good though :(

I hope you found this helpful! Please let me know in the comments below if it was, and if you want me to continue doing these blog posts!


Being a Junior in High School for me means it's officially my first year as a prom-goer! Exciting, yet nerve-racking. The first step to all of the stress includes finding "the dress". The one dress that will make everyone "ooh" and "ahh" not only in person, but looking back at through the endless number of photographs. If that's not stressful enough, you also have to hope no one else from your school will be wearing the same dress-eeeek!

A few months back, Windsor contacted me and asked if I would be interested in a doing prom fashion video. Despite the fact that I had already purchased my own prom dress, I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to show you all five perfect prom worthy dresses that I picked out myself. I hope this helps you figure out what type of dress you're looking for, and check out Windsor (here) for TONS more dresses to choose from AND at an affordable price. (what could be better than that?)

*Make sure to watch my Prom Fashion 2011 video (here) to see more of the dresses, and enter for your chance to win one of the prom dresses!! (giveaway ends April 23, 2011 so enter quickly!)


Be a bombshell in this short, eye-catching dress! The gorgeous ruffle detailing and bold color will be sure to grab everyone's attention. Pair off with some strappy black heels, gold earrings, and a black clutch, and you're good to go!
-Dress $84.90: Here!
-Earrings: No longer sold, something similar here!
-Black Clutch: Here!

Always dreamed of a fun, fairy-like prom dress? Then this dress is SCREAMS your name! I love the vibe this dress gives off! The feathers make it easy to move around and dance in, and you can still rock the jewels with the beautiful detailing beneath the bust. Pair off with silver or gold earrings, a funky ring, and some metallic heels to complete the look.
-Dress $199.90: Here! *NOTE: I recommend getting 2 sizes up-this dress runs very small!
-Earrings: No longer sold, something similar here!
-Heels: No longer sold, something similar here!
-Ring: No longer sold, something similar here!



Not much into bold colors, but crazy about the glitz? Ding, ding, ding-we have a winner! This dress will be sure to make a statement with all of the sequins, and the mermaid tail adds a unique touch. The taupe color is very unique, and everyone will be begging to know where you found it!
-Dress $179.90: Here!

Simplicity is key with this dress. The soft yellow color, sweetheart neckline, and gorgeous drapery come together in this beautiful gown! If you're all for comfort-you will LOVE this! 
-Dress $119.90: Here!
-Earrings: No longer sold, but something similar here!

At last-my favorite prom dress of the five! If you like a splash of color, some glitz (but not too much), and comfort, this dress is perfect for you! I absolutely adore the back design, and it's very wearable! I chose this dress to give away, and I hope someone wins who loves it as much as I do!
-Dress $169.90: Here!

I would love to hear from YOU now! Comment below telling me what your favorite dress is and why! 


Hey everyone! This is for those of you who have been asking for a post on descriptions of the outfits from my Spring 2011 Fashion video! I've included photos to make life easier. Enjoy!

*I have tried searching for the items shown, but as you may guess, most of them were purchased a while ago and are no longer sold! I did my best, so when I found an item it is linked to the product! (:
-Dress: Scrapbook brand
-Cardigan: Free People
-Shoes: Target
-Pearl like Necklace: Jewelmint
-Bead Necklace: Anthropologie

-Coverup/Dress: Kenneth Cole Reaction
-Swimsuit: Ralph Lauren
-Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
-Shoes: Target

-Top: Free People
-Skirt: VAC brand
-Belt: Anthropologie
-Headband: Vera Wang
-Shoes: Target
-Necklace: Heritage 1981

-Top: Heritage 1981
-Jeggings/Skinny Jeans: Iris Basic
-Shoes: Target
-Bag: Lucky Brand

-Top: D.E.P.T
-Coat: Saks
-Skirt: Forever 21
-Clutch: Windsor
-Earrings: Windsor
-Heels: BCBG
-Bow: Windsor

-Dress: Yag Brand
-Jeggings: H&M
-Boots: Zigi Soho
-Belt: Vintage
-Cardigan: Urban Outfitters

-Top: GAP
-Corset: Ralph Lauren
-Necklace: Vintage
-Skirt: Heritage 1981
-Shoes: Target

-Dress: Free People
-Cardigan: Zara
-Envelope Necklace: To February
-Small Necklace: Heritage 1981
-Hearts Necklace: American Eagle
-Shoes: Target

-Top: Mai Tai
-Jeans: James Jeans
-Bag: Lucky Brand
-Earrings: Forever 21
-Vest: D.E.P.T
-Shoes: Target

Michael Todd Cosmetics Review!

If you've been watching my videos for some time now, you may be familiar with the name, "Michael Todd." I have a comparison video showing the similarities and differences between my two favorite eye shadow primers-UDPP & MTC Eye Shadow Base. I've also included their eyeshadow* in favorites videos, as it is my absolute favorite everyday, wearable all over lid shadow!

*I am unaware of the rightful name of the shadow! I threw away the box without checking the name, and it is not printed on the compact. I assume it is either High Jumper or Mystical, but I do not know which one for sure, my apologies!

Anyway, I have put together a mini review video-too short to make its own video-but still worthy :) Enjoy!

Description: This product is the Michael Todd Vivide Glace Lipgloss in Girlfriend. It is a very shimmery (no chunky glitter!) pinkish-purple gloss with a doe foot applicator. The stopper at the top supplies you with the perfect amount of product so you don't have to find yourself scraping off any excess on the edges. The formula itself? Non-sticky, not thick (but not thin either), and very shimmery, like I mentioned earlier! 

Price: $9.00

-Gorgeous, unique color
-Non-sticky formula
-Smooth Consistency (but not creamy)
-Reasonable Price
-Sleek Packaging

-Not a very long lasting power
-No flavor 
-No distinct smell
-Very Shimmery (personal preference however!

Overall Rating: 3/5 Stars!


Description: The last product I have for you guys is the Michael Todd Long Wear Cream Shadow in City Love. The color is practically black with micro shimmer that is virtually unseen-yet gorgeous! This product acts as a base to regular and loose shadows; keeping them on longer and more vibrant. 

Price: $12.99

-Awesome lasting power-all day long!
-Does not cause creasing
-Applies very smoothly
-A little goes a long way
-Makes shadows (especially bright ones) much more vibrant

-Can be an intimidating color (however there are more colors available on the site)
-Doesn't last all day if used as an eyeliner (although it is not meant to be an eyeliner)

Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars!

Disclaimer: Products were sent for consideration.

So what are your thoughts? Have you tried any Michael Todd Cosmetics products before? I'd love to hear what you have to say in the comments below!

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